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Access Bars Class

**Children under 16 can attend for free with a paying adult.  Children aged 16 – 18 pay half price.

The Access Bars class is a single-day, 8-hour class. Your Access Bars Facilitator (BF) will provide you with a comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts to assist you in learning Access Bars and becoming Access Bars Practitioner (BP).

In addition to what you will learn about Access Bars, the manual is filled with life-changing tools, questions, and processes from Access Consciousness®. This class is much more than learning just a new energetic modality; it empowers you to create change in many areas of your life.

After attending this class, you can gift your friends and family Access Bars sessions. You can also add Access Bars to your current wellness practice or create a business as Access Bars Practitioner.

Pre-requisites: None

€ 380


21st August 2024 | 9.30am-5pm SAST


28th August 2024 | 9.30am-5pm SAST


3,5 Day class to empower you to change anything and everything you’d like to change in your life.

Pre-requisites: Access Bars Class

€ 2250 (Country Pricing Applies)


22nd- 25th August 2024
7-9pm on Thursday and 9.30am-5pm on Fri-Sat-Sun


29th August – September 1, 2024
7-9pm on Thursday and 9.30am-5pm on Fri-Sat-Sun

Introducing the Symphony

Are you willing to know that you are an energetic wizard?
Yes, YOU! You have energetic capacities that can change everything – if you start to use, practice and play with them.

Facilitated by the Symphony Advanced Practitioners, this hands-on taster class is the beginning
of your journey into that magic, via the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP)!

Everything in the universe is a possibility and a probability until a choice is made.
And there is a possibility everywhere. It is within the air and the molecules around us.

In this class, you will experience how your whole life is actually an energetic movement.
Nothing is solid, including your problems.

You’ll start to recognize, “Wow, I can move anything!”
Are you ready for that? If yes – welcome to play!

Please note: There is no qualification after this class, you will not become a SOP practitoner.

Pre-requisites: Access Bars Class

€ 150 (Country Pricing Applies)


24th August 2024 | 7-9pm 


31st August 2024 | 7-9pm 

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