Energy Pulls & Sessions

Simplicity Session

What if having everything you desired in life wasn’t as hard as you thought?
Relax into the world of possibilities with these calls.

€ 50,00 – € 40,00

Energy Pulls Bundle

Relax and receive more with three unique energy pulls and invite more money, more happiness and more ease with receiving everything you desire.

€ 25,00 – €20.00 

Invite More Happiness Into Your Life

Generate more happiness and joy in your life with this Energy Pull.

€ 9,99 – €7.99

Invite More Money Into Your Life

Are you willing to invite more money into your life?
This Energy Pull encourages you to be that invitation with ease.

€ 9,99 – €7.99

Getting Everything You Desire with Ease

Are you willing to generate everything you desire in your life with ease, joy and glory?

€ 9,99 – €7.99


What to do When Your Business Stops & Starts

How often does it feel like your business is stopping or starting? What if it is shape-shifting into something even more brilliant?
This is a telecall filled with tips on actualising your business as a thriving and expanding entity. Would you allow your business to be more brilliant than you thought possible?

€ 50,00 – €40.00

Explode Into Possibilities

19 days of creation with your Body, Business and Life hosted by Paul Kearney and some very special guests.

Are you ready to go beyond this reality to explore what else is truly possible?

€ 199,99 – €159.99

Fantastico - 3 Things I learned from this Horse & More

3 part teleseries exploring the multitude of gifts we can receive from unlikely sources, such as animals.

€ 60,00 – €48.00

10 Days of Need & Tug

Create the life you truly desire with this teleseries featuring Paul Kearney, Gary Douglas, Wendy Mulder, and Brendon Watt, melting limitations and exploring possibilities with Need and Tug.

€ 250,00 – € 200,00

The Chaos of Total Hedonism

“Living with Pleasure” is designed to instill chaos into your world and life. Life should be the chaos of creation and a lot of the time it is the mediocrity of survival.

Are you ready to choose your life and explode into the greatness you always knew existed and never acknowledged?

€ 99,00 – €79.20

Calling All Creators

Time to Unhide Your Magical Abilities – A Magical Exploration of our Superpowers of Creation with Paul Kearney. It is now a time to rediscover your magical abilities of creation and play with magic in every way and every time?

€ 149,00 – €119.20

Overcoming Financial Stress & Inviting More Money Into Your Life

Are you looking to Overcome or Out-Create Financial stress?

In this interactive zoom, Paul Kearney explores how to melt your limitations and expand your financial reality with ease and joy.

€ 50,00 – €40.00

The Goldmine Series

The Goldmine Series

The Energetics of Business

The Energetics of Business