Who is Paul Kearney?

Paul Kearney is a Business and Wellness Coach, a qualified Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation teacher, and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, who travels the world facilitating change in the business sector and with private clients.

With a background in International Sales and Project Management, Paul’s personal experience with depression led to a deep exploration of various Wellbeing practices and heavily influences his work choices today.

A creator, mover & innovator of the highest caliber,

Paul is blazing a new and unique trail in the provision of Personal Facilitation and Corporate Coaching through the courses and sessions he runs globally, both in person and virtually.

Paul is an avid horse lover and a dedicated sports enthusiast and he balances these passions with creating a world changing impact through his various business interests.

Paul Kearney has vast experience in life & living. He is an innovator and inventor and creator of magnitude. He has done business on local, national, and international level and is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars. He empowers people to create a life they love and while many believe this is impossible, it is totally possible with your choice and commitment. Here’s some of the organizations that Paul is involved with at varying levels. He is always looking to create change and new possibilities in the world.

Managing Director at Innovative Misfits Design Limited

Bars and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness

Light Foundation Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor

Dru Yoga Meditation Teacher

Extensive Industrial Experience in Lean Manufacture & World Class Manufacture

15 Years Experience in Commercial Project Management

Keynote Speaker of International Repute

Actions for Futures
Forests for Futures
Castello di Casalborgone
El Lugar
Light Foundation
Dru Yoga
Access Consciousness
Joy of Business