Loving You, Loving Money Workbook - 5 Week Series

Online with Paul Kearney

What if money is just an energy?
Are you ready to love money?
How about you love you and allow money to arrive into your world?
What if there’s a whole new way of presenting itself with money and what brings you joy?
What opens up the space of receiving and what’s possible for you?
Come and explore this topic with Paul Kearney and let’s see what’s possible for loving you and for loving money.

Join us for this 5 week journey Loving You, Loving Money Workbook Series

starting on 6th March at 7pm CET !  One 2-hour call a week for 5 weeks!

Are you ready to go on a MONEY journey?  Are you willing to change some stuff around loving you and loving money?

199 Euro (Country Pricing Applies)

Please enquire 24 hours before the call about having your language translate being translated

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