Symphony Group Taster Session

One Session

 with Symphony Advanced Practitioners Halina Dietrich & Paul Kearney

What if you are here to contribute your unique energetic frequency?

This taster is a possibility to experience the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) energies that are available to claim, tap into and be, as a group.

Facilitated by Symphony Advanced Practitioners, this class is an invitation to an energetic space where you can finally start to access what you already know … and be.

What is the Symphony?
Developed by Dr. Dain Heer, the Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) is a unique way to utilize the energies of the universe to start creating your life, living, and reality by moving the very molecules of consciousness.

1st February

8 pm CET (your time in the world)

EUR 25 

Enquire about your language translation.


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