Health, Wellbeing & Happiness in the Workplace

A New Perspective of Developing Resilience and High Performance at Work

As the world changes and people return from hybrid working arrangements and move back into spending more time in offices, with all the changes the COVID has brought to the way we work and live, perhaps a new way of looking at stress management is required. What if it’s not actually stress management as such, but more about bringing happiness into the workplace? And what positive impact could increased happiness has on our company’s operating budget?

For so long, happiness has been seen as a strange concept in the workplace, with many taking the approach that people at work shouldn’t actually be happy. What if this is backwards? What if the belief that people who are happy aren’t working hard is causing more harm than good?  What if the opposite is true?

There are numerous reports that show that people are more productive when they’re happy, when they have a sense of fulfillment in the workplace and when their family life is calm and rewarding.  And what if actually allowing people to become happier is the empowering move and that we’ve been looking in the wrong direction? What if we actually looked at bringing more happiness into the workplace and developing resilience in people so they can actually choose their future, choose their possibilities and choose what’s possible for them to create a greater future?

The more that you empower staff, the more powerful
they can become a creative force in the workplace.

Instead of looking at decreasing stress, maybe we should actually be looking from the opposite perspective – towards increasing happiness, encouraging employees to become happier in the workplace and to see if this will promote a greater sense of wellbeing while sustaining a more balanced sense of mind and body health.

Could this in turn lead to employees feeling empowered in each moment of their workday?  And could this create a happier, healthier, more productive workforce? The incidental benefit of this approach is that as we increase happiness, stress levels naturally start to decline. And the flow-on financial impact of a happier, healthier more productive workforce must also positively impact the running costs of the business, in the form of decreased sick leave, greater individual resilience and improved staff retention – surely the costs of promoting a happier workplace is much less than the costs of allowing stress and unhappiness to fester and grow in your team?

One of the approaches that’s been found very successful for increasing happiness and decreasing stress in the mind and body is the process called Access Consciousness Bars.  Access Bars are 32 points of the head that, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. The Access Consciousness company was founded by Gary Douglas and co-created by Dain Heer over 30 years ago and it’s expanded to become a truly global service with Certified Bars practitioners currently operating in 177 countries.

Some of the results that have been reported following Bars sessions include a greater sense of happiness, spontaneity, and creativity, and improvements in team morale and a greater sense of a connection between colleagues have been noted within the workplace.  As people become happier, they become more empowered and they’re willing to take more risks and also to step into what they truly desire.

As we see in the current business climate, staff retention has become more difficult, and it can also be very costly and challenging to find new staff. As we go through the “great resignation”, many people are seriously reviewing what they truly desire in life, and also more people are using this time of upheaval as an opportunity to create greater change in their working lives.

What if we can actually change the fundamental culture and mindset within the workplace, to the point that it becomes a place where we look to engender happiness, spark creativity and nurture contentment within each of our employees?  And could that cultural shift result in the entire workforce, both employers and employees, engaging with greater possibilities in all aspects of our personal and professional lives?

These greater possibilities lead to more in terms of every part of the workplace becoming more profitable and more creative, where every dollar that is invested in wellbeing in the workplace will actually repay the company a hundred times over in terms of lower staff turnover, greater creativity, more ease with change, and more dynamic service and product development… in short, when all the parts of the business become more empowered, the workplace becomes happier,  more joyful and more economically viable.

In Access Consciousness, we call it a “Joy of Business,” a sense of pure joy that one experiences when doing business in a way that is aligned to your values, where you are consciously creating your future, creating your life, and moving forward with ease.

And that is certainly a way of doing business that makes me happy!

What is truly possible with our businesses now
that we’ve never considered?

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About the Author:

Paul Kearney is a Business Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and avid horse lover. Boasting an impressive array of expertise in both corporate strategy and holistic living, he is a Director of Access Consciousness International Ltd, responsible for operations across Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a Joy of Business Facilitator, a qualified Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation teacher and a Business Owner. Paul is also the Manager of Castello di Casalborgone, a fully restored castle dating from the Middle Ages, near Turin in Italy.