Access Consciousness Body Processes Class - Torino

1 Day Class or Choose one body process for Half Day Class

 Live with Paul Kearney from Piazza Solferino 9, 10121 Torino, IT

18th February 2023 

EUR 120 for both Body Processes or EUR 70 for one (Country Pricing Applies)

Antibodies to Consciousness
10am – 12:30pm

This Access Body Process can be run when consciousness has become an unfamiliar or dangerous or foreign object that must be fought off.  No pre-requisites.

Compensatory Drift

2:30pm – 5pm

This process can help undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment. Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive.  No pre-requisites


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For whole day includes

both body process


antibodies to 

consciousness only



drift only


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