Being You - Weekend Adventure

2,5 Day Class

with Chrissy Dorn & Paul Kearney

Live in Lake Tegernsee – Bavaria & Online

1190 Euro (Country Pricing Applies)

14th June 2024 | 17.00-19.00h CET
15th & 16th June 2024 | 09.30-17.30h CET

How often in your life did people tell you: “Oh, you’re way too much!”

You know what Dr. Dain Heer’s reply would be:
“In the face of judgment TURN IT UP, BABY!”

What if you ALLOWED yourself to be just that: be way too much – be YOU!
Coz, let’s face it: what does it all start with? It starts with… YOU BEING YOU!

Paul Kearney and Chrissy Dorn invite you to join them for a 2.5-Day BEING YOU ADVENTURE
which is held LIVE at Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria, southern Germany.

Of course, you can also choose to join us online.
Before you do so, please ask your body what contribution it could be to enjoy a long weekend
at one of the most beautiful lakes in southern Germany.

14TH – 16TH JUNE 2024

14th June: 5-7PM CEST
15th/16th June: 9.30AM – 5PM CEST

The Being You-Adventures were born out of Dr. Dain Heer’s book und classes “Being You, changing the world”, and you’ll learn to use the wonderful tools of Access Consciousness®.

What else is truly possible in your life, when you follow what’s true for you, when you are BEING YOU?

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